The  APP allows users on a global scale to encounter, befriend and care for Hyperobjects and, by doing so, create monetary value. The app’s ecology interrupts established mechanisms of environmental work, art and technology by symbiotically relinking them.

ART: We are assigning artists to meditate on and co-create with a Hyperobject. The resulting piece becomes part of the HYPEROBJECT HELIX and is being distributed to all users who befriended the Hyperobject.

TECHNOLOGY: The game is being built on an interactive geospatial protocol. Blockchain technology provides a safe and transparent system for paying the artists and distributing the funds into the chosen environmental projects.

ENVIRONMENTALISM: Users will collectively generate value through an in-built token system that also allows them to vote how the funds will be spent in favor of the Hyperobject. Scientists
collaborating with BH are continuously researching
funding options. Playing becomes an act of environmentalism and “profit” is being given back to the planet.