B E F R I E N D I N G   H Y P E R O B J E C T S


is editor-in-chief and founding member
of Flaneur Magazine,
a nomadic, multi-disciplinary
and award-winning publication
focusing on one street per issue.
Since its inception in 2013
it has morphed into a
collaborative cultural platform
that redefines a street’s
space-time continuum
by embracing its complexity,
its layers
and its fragmented nature
through a literary approach.
The project has been supported
by several Goethe institutions,
Strelka Institute Moscow,
Victoria Art Foundation
and Onassis Cultural Center.
She has given talks
about the magazine’s individual
editorial approach at the Office for
Metropolitan Information in Rotterdam,
the Modern Magazine Conference in London
and the University of Jena’s
literature department.
Recently she gave
a geo-explorative workshop
within Rotterdam’s architecture festival ZigZagCity.
Flaneur Magazine
was invited by Taipei Artist Village
for a residency in 2018
and is currently working on a
series of workshops for Kunstmuseum Bonn.


is a dimensional athlete,
future ancient
and chthonic collaborator.
She holds an MFA in Fine Arts
from the University of the Arts/ Berlin.
Her work interfaces
primal immersion, virtual ritual,
and the plasticity of memory.
What constitutes corporeality,
and how does it communicate
with its environment?
 In her 4D matrix installations, 
she explores the non-linear
mental architecture of geographies.
In her recent piece
Google Gardening
she used Virtual Reality
to trespass into
privatized environments
in Silicon Valley,
introducing new fauna.
Her work has been shown at
Museu Geológico de Portugal/ Lisbon,
Green Art Gallery/ Dubai,
Spinnerei/ Leipzig,
Klondike Institute of Art and Culture/Yukon,
The Institute of Jamais Vu/ London,
Cirrus Gallery/ Los Angeles,
Icebox Projects/ Philadelphia,
navel.live / Los Angeles,
documenta14/ Athens
and The Eighth Climate /
11th Gwangju Biennial.