B E F R I E N D I N G  H Y P E R O B J E C T S : 


Virtual Reality / Los Angeles

Concept, costumes, objects: Grashina Gabelmann, Judith Sönnicken
Performer: Emily Davenport
Sound: Martin Velez
Post-production: Serhiy Protsenko
Studio: navel.live
Thanks to: Hyperslow Studio, Los Angeles

It is 5 pm, Pacific Standard Time.
Shadow has clocked in to join light and objects
in their daily routine of mutual confirmation.
The solo realm of shadow lies outside of this trinity
that reduces its existence to cause and effect.
To meet shadow on its own, one has to descend
into the blackest black available on the planet.
Anish Kapoor has bought the rights to this place,
Vantablack, a carpet of nanotubes
that swallows 99,95% of all light.
I screenshot a Kapoor piece,
turn it into a 360° jpg and zoom into a nanotube,
then trespass over the event horizon via VR.
Anubis, a dog with a cat’s body in a snake posture,
is guarding me into privatized singularity.